DNA Parentage Test

DNA Parentage Test

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   Establishes a familial relationship between two people, if there is one.

   The fastest test, with results by email within 72 hours of your kit being received by the laboratory.

   Option of doing the test discreetly using hair, a used tissue, chewing gum, a toothbrush, cigarette butt, used cotton bud or others through our ‘discreet test’ option.

   Analysis carried out in an ISO 17025 certified setting.

   100% reliability thanks to our double verification process.

   Employees specialized in molecular genetics. 

   Expertise in the most innovative and advanced DNA testing techniques.

  Test kit sent in an unmarked envelope.

   Guaranteed confidentiality - your details are handled securely and are not shared with any third parties.


    •   Order your kit and let us know where you want us to send the discreet envelop.
      •   You will receive an envelope containing the testing kits in the mail.
        •   Take DNA from the mouth using the cotton buds provided.
          •   Put the samples and the form in the envelope provided.
            •   Send us the envelope by post.